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Engine dies when pto is engaged

The problem can also result in the engine starting to sputter when blades are engaged. At that time, the engine needs more power to get the blades rotating. Fix: To fix this problem, clear the air filters or replace them. Foam air filters can be cleaned easily with some warm water and a drop of dishwasher soap. Paper air filters should be changed or replaced. Wipe away the debris and.

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2. Posted by 2 years ago. Cub Cadet LTX 1040. Engine dies when PTO blades engaged. I was mowing my lawn and ran over something, I believe a small stick. Very shortly after, my mower died and the blades were still engaged. I disengaged the blades and looked under the deck and did not see anything stuck or out of place and pulleys and belts seem. The parking brake is engaged. The blade-control switch (PTO) is disengaged. The motion-control levers are in the NEUTRAL-LOCK position. The safety-interlock system also is designed to shut off the engine when the traction controls are moved from the locked position with the parking brake engaged or if you rise from the seat when the PTO is engaged.

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Engaging the Ariel PTO from neutral may cause what damage if the apparatus is not a hot shift apparatus. If the pump on the latter truck is already engaged what must you do before engaging the aerial PTO. Reduce engine speed to idle warn people with hose lines.

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The riding mower blades won’t engage. Faulty PTO switch, damaged deck belts, damaged engine belts. The mower won’t start after running. Inadequate fuel, clogged grass, old spark plugs, dirty air filters. The mower engine is smoking. Excessive fuel, faulty crankcase. The riding mower is vibrating excessively.

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The power take-off (PTO) switch in the mower is to engage and disengage the blades and deck of the mower during the mowing session. Cub Cadet RZT-42 has a PTO switch for the same purpose, and it has labels on it for engaging and disengaging; Pull the switch to engage the blades. Push the switch to disengage the blades.

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